$819 in 72 hours by giving away a freebie with no sales page

Which sold more? The bump or the OTO?

Were my epc's high enough to roll it out to affiliates?

What 5 steps will greatly increase sales?

What mistake did I make on the upsell page?

Why didn't I put today's issue on Clickfunnels?

Why did I use my pix with Joe Vitale in the FB group?

What are the action steps for YOU to use this method?

This case study is not indicative of average results.  You may do better, worse or nothing at all.  I do not teach "get-rich-quick."  I simply share the things I do in my marketing that work for me. And how I do them.  I say this because some people expect to make money without work or effort. That's an unrealistic expectation.

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